Atypical Cameras

LCDbarbie6-207x300One source of anxiety in modern life is that technology changes so quickly that people can’t possibly hope to keep on top of everything. Cameras certainly are changing in appearance, form, and function.

One of the things I have noticed in viewing classroom videos on YouTube is that occasionally, a teacher will catch a student recording in class and tell them to put it away and the student will then deny that they are even recording.

The problem is that microminiaturization of cameras allows them to be placed in the most unexpected of places. Schools issue laptop computers with them. Handheld Nintendo DSi games have them. iPod Nano’s have them. Even Barbie dolls have them.

It is almost as if the unconventional shape allows the user to deny that they are even using a camera. These videos show examples of what I’m talking about. What are some of the new forms of cameras that you have encountered?

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