Kansas Cosmosphere Videos

This morning, I and a number of other bloggers visited the Kansas Cosmosphere and explored their education facility. We saw numerous simulators and astronaut training devices.

In this video Becky McCray and I squeeze into a Russian Soyuz space capsule trainer. It would be exciting to visit space, but they really should do something about the leg room!

This video shows Sheila Scarborough in the Multi-Axis Trainer.

This is Becky in the Multi-Axis Trainer.

We really had a blast today, and I can’t wait to bring the whole family back to the Cosmosphere for another visit.

4 thoughts on “Kansas Cosmosphere Videos

  1. We had a great time entertaining all of the travel bloggers that invaded the Cosmosphere. Come back anytime!!!

    VP and Space Geek
    KS Cosmosphere

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