Area Teacher Enthusiastic About Adopting New Standards


areaTeacherDubuque, Iowa – Deborah Schofield, a 39-year-old Dubuque-area 4th grade teacher, is really excited about implementing the new Common Core standards.

“Before these standards, I was pretty clueless about how to teach,” quips Schofield. “Thanks to Common Core, my students can expect to get a much better education now.” It was just a couple of weeks ago when Deborah was doing some lesson planning when she started feeling a little overwhelmed. “I mean they covered some ideas on classroom instruction while I was in college,” Schofield said, “but that was nearly two decades ago.”

Fortunately, Schofield’s home state of Iowa had formally adopted the Common Core standards so she had a new resource from which to draw. “I just turned to the section on ‘Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas’ to see if there was something I hadn’t considered and there it was! Item #5 said to ‘Add audio recordings and visual displays to presentations when appropriate to enhance the development of main ideas or themes.’ Eureka! I hadn’t thought of that one before, so I checked out a record player and film strip projector from our building audio-visual room and presented a film strip on Hairless Mammals of North America that very day!”

But rolling out the new standards hasn’t been without it’s challenges. It seems that the standards are actually meant for the students to achieve, not for the teachers. School principal Sidney Winkeldale says these sort of mix-ups are common place in the early days of rolling out a new program. According to principal Winkeldale, the school technology staff are still working on acquiring a tape recorder so the students might make their own audio recordings. “I explained to Ms. Schofield that not only should she be teaching with audio-visuals, but the students need to be creating audio-visuals as a part of these new standards as well.”

Ms. Schofield feels relieved now that “Common Core” is in place. “Before these standards, there was too much pressure in doing my job. Having to figure out what I needed to teach and how to teach it all by myself; it’s way too much to expect. I’m much more relaxed now by just sticking to the standards.”

Coming to The Onion next week: Area Teacher Eager To Prepare Students For State Assessments.


Creative Commons Photo is by Judy Baxter (My apologies to the real teacher shown in this piece. I’m sure she’s a nice lady.)
Also, in case you missed it, this post is a parody that came to mind after reading a recent story in Education Week. My friend Ira Socol thinks that there are many problems with Common Core and I tend to agree with him.

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