Rebecca Black Gets the Last Laugh

Well, Wikipedia is going offline to protest stupid internet legislation that is currently being considered.

I’m joining in this conversation by offering you a look at my first video to suffer a take-down on YouTube:

Rebecca Black Gets the Last Laugh

Looking at it, I think the video suffers from some pacing issues. I could cut some more out of it to make it flow better, but it was quickly done as a montage of the Rebecca Black – Friday meme for educational purposes. I wanted to show how a kid could be the object of derision, but still hit the big-time in the digital world. Did you realize she was actually the top internet search of 2011?

So what’s the story on the video take-down? It includes around a minute of Rebecca’s famous “Friday, Friday” song before moving into the parodies & spoofs and the YouTube copyright algorithms tagged it as infringing. I filed a counter-claim that it was an educational fair-use, it doesn’t use the entire video, and provides a commentary on the work. Ultimately, they restored my video online.

In the digital world, you are already presumed guilty until proven innocent. With these new laws being considered, fair use works like this will continue to be harder and harder to create, and free speech will continue to be trampled.

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