Light Switch Cover

Design a light switch cover that incorporates the switch into the design. Print it out and display it somewhere. Post a digital copy of your work online so others can download & print it out as well.

My digital media class is working on this idea and we plan to put many of these up around our campus as a fun campus community art project. It would be fun to have others from around the internet join us in coming up with these. For an added challenge, try to incorporate a double gang switch into your design.

This idea comes from the book by Stephan Mumaw, “Caffeine for the Creative Team.” I highly recommend it along with “Caffeine for the Creative Mind,” for excellent creativity exercises.

My process for this example was to first locate a cartoon image I could work from. I’m not that great of an artist, so I found this one by Thomas Jahn.

Using this cartoon as a guide, I drew my own freehand version. I snapped a photo of it with my iTouch and imported it into Illustrator. There I added a template for the switch cover, so I could know where to place the opening for the switch in relationship to the artwork. I then drew in the wire from the switch with Illustrator.

I printed it out on heavy stock paper and then cut it out as you see in my example.



3 thoughts on “Light Switch Cover

  1. Your media design class sound quite interesting. I may have to purchase the “Caffeine” books for myself. Sometimes my creativity needs a jolt!
    Is there any way to link to your students finished designs? Every once in a while strange, odd and really cool works of art, and I use the term loosely, show up all over the University of Alabama campus. Now I have an idea where they may originate from. I am forever taking pictures of the strange, original, and unusual and bugging friends and my kids with them.
    I have recently become a fan of your blog. I was assigned to follow you for a few weeks but now you have become another link in my PLN and I check in frequently. Your ideas can easily be used in elementary school. Thanks for the interesting posts!

    Laura Holifield
    EDM310, USA

  2. Bill, I love the idea of marrying art to everyday manufactured objects!

    I’m well aware of the joy that explosions bring to the male psyche and know you didn’t at all mean to be limiting in your examples or those of your students, so here are some suggestions that might help those who might be lagging in identifying with this project: They might benefit from the suggestion or challenge of incorporating something positive and beautiful that could come on with a switch. A coffee maker? A grow light over lovely flowers or creeping vines? Music or a dance party? The creative lightbulb coming on in one’s head? A sunrise? Figuratively speaking, just about anything could be “switched on.” What is a good thing they wish they could just switch on?

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